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Orion Dawn – The Future Memorials

Orion Dawn – The Future Memorials

Orion Dawn is a band from the beautiful nation of Hungary and they’ve released their album The Future Memorials back in 2012. Time to check out what these guys sound like.

The Budapest boys seem to draw inspiration from the likes of He Is LegendAlexisonfire and Norma Jean. There’s five guys in the lineup, who have been working to get ahead as a band since 2011. Oh, apparently some members used to play in Wait For A Mistake

So what you get is twelve songs packed with every possible metalcore/post-hardcore cliché and an intro that has the dramatic tension, that is hard to find today. The production is polished, and there’s a clean vocalist and one that screams. The riffs are hectic on opener ‘Statues’. A Beach Boys ‘oohoo’ can be heard through parts of the song. ‘Hermitage’ has a certain epic metal quality to it. That and a vocalist who can’t live up to what the guitar licks make you expect. On ‘With Grey’ I can’t stop myself from thinking Volbeat

So, this far I’m not hugely impressed by the album and it’s content that really doesn’t do much original damage to the ears. That feeling continues for the next bunch of songs. For some reason even in a harsh intro of screams, some melody must be put in there. ‘The Last Day’ is a prime example of that weird mix. Some redeeming sounds can be picked up on the hooky ‘The Golden Age’, with some groovy basslines.

So, Orion Dawn doesn’t offer much originality, only in the sense that what they do hardly makes sense at times. It’s like listening to a band that still needs to figure out if they want to be, the new Defeater or Opeth? That’s not the best thing, but there’s definitely something in there. They just need to figure out what.

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