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Outline – Fading

Outline – Fading

From the drawing on the cover to the four tunes on this ep. Everything just feels right for Outline. Not right in the sense that these four Belgian guys started playing overly positive and happy skapunk, but right in that it’s just damn good.

Now Outline has always been one of those bands the flew under most peoples radar, but that should definitely be over with this ep. Five songs that sound like a mix between Panic, black metal and skatepunk. Aggressive, catchy and really well done. Vocalist Rikkerd gives the band a rather unique sound with his screamo like voice.

Fading doesn’t offer any solutions to the worlds problems nor will it inspire a whole new generation of teens to do something positive with their live. What it does however is canalize daily and recognizable frustration and help you vent your anger. In fact the one thing good hardcore bands have been doing for years. With Fading Outline once and for all makes it to that short list of good hardcore bands.


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