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Outline – Noose

Outline – Noose

A new drummer, a new tape and a better sounds. Belgium’s Outline is back and sound more pissed off than before.

‘I’m still angry so I make angry music.’ Those are the words of Outline’s bass player Petit after watching some pretty lame metalcore band at the latest Jera On Air fest. He was angry about the pretty stupid and sexist shirts Emmure were selling. And rightfully so.

Noose┬áthe new four song tape of his band is another step forward for Outline. The awesome break in ‘NGNM’ is one of many examples that the band has become better of the year. There’s more vigor in their sound and less melodic fuzz. Wouter, the new drummer is a great addition to the rhythm section and vocalist Rikkerd uses his throat in more diverse ways at times even sounding as Gibby from Panic.

With songs like these there’s no reason at all why Outline should use a noose and hang themselves.

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