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Outline – s/t

Outline – s/t

I could write here about how awestruck I was by receiving a handwritten note together with this cassette. C’mon, be honest. You would be too if, in this digital age, someone took the time to look for paper and pen and actually write something honest about his or her band instead of clicking ‘print’ and getting another leaflet full of bad hardcoremarketing out of the printer.

In a way this stripped down, no bullshit approach works well with the 3 songs Outline, from Belgium, bring on this tape. There’s the very short song ‘Definition’ which reminds me a bit of Horror Show. There’s a kind of danger, anger lurking on that song. ‘Off The Map’ is a 90’s hardcore meets Verse kind of track and kind of a crossover between ‘Definition’ and the doom and gloom of ‘The Perfect End’.

The vocals on this tape are raw and dry. It’s almost like being in the desert without water for days and deciding to bellow your way through the whole Converge discography. The production is also very basic. There are no extra melodies or sparkling cymbals on this tape it’s all basics. I’m into it.

[bandcamp album=922781828]

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