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Owls By Nature – The Forgotten And The Brave LP

Owls By Nature – The Forgotten And The Brave LP

Breaking ground and opening passages to greatness is on the cards for Folk Rock band Owls By Nature. The act that hail from Edmonton, slice open the norm and plug it with wholesome contributions that contain light. Thematic, thrusting rock charms, ring true on the bands album The Forgotten And The Brave. A record that is monumental in its true grittiness and enchantment. Bridging everything in bands genre apart, it really is a true master-stroke.

The albums genius is built by a professional sound and commitment. The band don’t race for first place, they’re grounded and deeply in love with what they create. A creative spirit is embedded in their true workmanship, a hard working heart is needed too, a heart that pulsates and craves suspense. A suspenseful swing to the middle of beauty is also apparent in the work. That’s why the record is so complete and flawless, refreshing and subtle, just soft enough to be like a quilt over frozen bones.

The album opens with Brothers. A shudder of guitar cuts through, creating a fantastic incision for the powerful vocals. The track then sparks into life. Creating a stupendous vibe and organic sound. So Close is a folk triumph. Hitting the right direction, keeping up the thumping hearts. The chorus is fast paced and lyrically it is poetic. The churning guitar work is progressive and inspirational, it really is remarkably played and tuned. Honesty is a more slower contribution, tapping at the heartstrings, flowing like an eloquent river. Lyrically it describes a push for hope and clarity.

Owls By Nature strike gold. Pushing their boundless energy into everything they think up. Their colossal sounds are remarkable, hatched from minds that are layered in talent and focus. That’s why the perfect score is applied. Just epic listening!

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