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Pigeon Hunt – s/t

Pigeon Hunt – s/t

It’s the truth when you say Pigeon Hunt is greatly overlooked as one of the most promising bands from Europe. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland the band plays hardcore/screamo in the vein of Swing Kids and old The Locust. Together with San Diego’s Retox they carry the torch of vicious punk blended in an atypical form of dissonant, mostly short songs with screaming vocals.

Last year’s 10” was an outlet of fifteen minutes of anger. The new EP has six songs and what we get is a band that’s still pissed but also knows how to limit the speed throttle for a bit in songs like ‘XI’ and ‘XIV’. Before we hear those songs, side A is full of craziness cramped in short songs; the two barely have the one minute time limit.

Side B also has a rocking song with a groove. Still ‘XIII’ is over before you notice. What’s left is the mostly dragging song ‘XIV’ with in the middle a dissonant outburst. With overlapping screams and a repeating riff this EP is annoying you (in a positive way) to an end. Pigeon Hunt shows us in less than 8 minutes how to take hardcore/punk to a different level without losing the intensity and cheer aggression.

Those who have a weak spot for bands such as Swing Kids and Retox should order this small baby by emailing Be quick because there are only 150 copies wrapped in an absurd cover drawing of Sam McPheeters. Also included is a lyric sheet that starts with the sentence ‘A rubber dick in your ass gives you a cosmic face’. Yeah the lyrics are as extreme and extravagant as Pigeon Hunt’s music.

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