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Pigs – Wronger

Pigs – Wronger

Pounding slashes on toms and dissonant slow guitar tones in ‘A Great Blight’ show us Pigs are coming. When it can’t any ‘Wronger’ “The Life in Pink” kicks in; expect grooving noise rock in the Unsane and old Helmet tradition. Pigs started as the project of Unsane bassist Dave Curran but he shifted from four to six strings and covers also the vocals.

“Bet it All On Black” is the next one in line and sounds a bit lame; nothing really sensational happens and Curran’s vocals are too nasal to impress in the song. ‘Wronger’ strides forward as driving in an industrial American city at night. Waiting at a red light and going full throttle when it is green. “Wrap it Up” is a small highlight with dissonant guitar tones to stay awake. “Mouth Dump” is a short country song as intermezzo while Julie Christmas spices up “Bug Boy” with her femme fatale vocals.

Her attendance is very welcome because the songwriter skills and nasal vocals of Curran don’t keep this record interesting as a whole. The line between awesome and average noise rock is thin and the absence of his colleague Spencer proves it makes a big difference. In some way ‘Wronger’ sounds it has rejected riffs and songs from Unsane.

Last song and 11 minute long “Donnybrook” is different. Heavy riffs are continued in a wrecking tempo and the ghost of the main band is echoing through the speaker. Banging your head to a wall what is left. Girls and guys that can’t get enough of this specific niche of heavy music must enjoy the record and Pigs‘ upcoming European tour. Others can stick with the classic records of the genre.

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