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Polar Bear Club – Clash Battle Guilt Pride

Polar Bear Club – Clash Battle Guilt Pride

Polar Bear Club is one of those many bands who always show lots of potential yet never really seem to make that one killer album. Wait, I should start this review saying that Polar Bear Club was one of those bands, because with Clash Battle Guilt Pride they finally managed to make a record that’s all killer and no filler.

Anyone who still has doubts if Polar Bear Club is one of the better post-hardcore/punk whatever bands out there should check out opener ‘Pawner’ which is a stripped down emotional and catchy song and it’s follow up ‘Killin It’ which basically shows a band on top of their game.

I remember seeing Polar Bear Club live and thinking that in a way on stage they reminded me of Snapcase during their peak as well as a band that should be able to get a whole festival crowd moving. It’s these elements of big arena rock as well as a more gritty intelligent hardcore (does that make any sense?) approach that PBC finally managed to get to work on a full length.

Other great songs on this record are ‘Screams In Caves’, ‘I’ll Never Leave New York’, ‘Religion On The Radio’ and record closer (well that is if you don’t have the vinyl version that contains an extra track) ‘3/4 Tango’.

As usually with Bridge 9 and Polar Bear Club the artwork is top notch. If Make Do And Mends’ End Measured Mile was 2010’s best record that Polar Bear Club has a good chance of taking that medal this year. That is if you’re into this kind of music of course.

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