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Pony Pack – Enough about you

Pony Pack – Enough about you

Reading the promo-talk that’s accompanying this album a couple of things grabbed my attention and made me decide to review Enough about you, Pony Pack’s second album. First of all I’m a sucker for female fronted punk bands lately. Perhaps it’s because I’ve heard a lot of great punk records lately and somehow all of ‘m had a female singer. So that sparked my attention. The fact this band is from Amsterdam and recorded at Amsterdam Recording Studio helped as well.

Back to the promo sheet: “Jane, Nina and Nora share a strong love for 70’s punk.” Oh, nice. I’d like to add to that I suspect them liking some surf music as well. I can expect “heavy bass, upbeat drums, distinct vocals and jumpy riffs.” Check, check, check and check. With regard to the vocals: they are pretty distinct indeed. Janes a bit nasal voice is of the love-it or hate-it category. I can imagine people disliking the band for her vocal delivery. Which would be ashame as they would mis out some pretty nice punk. So yes, I kinda love her vocal delivery as it really fits the character of the songs on Enough about you.

Pony Pack delivers some basic music on this album. A pitfall of that approach is that an album sounds bland and you get bored after a couple of songs. Not on Enough about you; strong songwriting, and excellent production keep everything interesting. The organ that pops up in a couple of songs really adds something extra to the sound as well. On my favorite song of the album She shadow all this comes together: subtle organ, punk, surf influences find each other in a brilliant, catchy tune.

Claws & Fists, Pony Packs debut was released back in 2008. That’s a long time of silence for a band. Let’s hope we won’t have to wait this long to hear from them again!

PS: props for the great cover art!

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