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Prawn – Kingfisher

Prawn – Kingfisher

Remember that time by the end of the 90’s when hardcore kids started going to see bands like The Get Up Kids and The Promise Ring? When Doghouse was for a while the best label in the scene and Jimmy Eat World reached a mass audience with Bleed American? Had Prawn’s Kingfisher be released around that time, they would have made it big.

Though Prawn isn’t the new band on the block, Kingfisher certainly is their breakthrough record and rightfully so. It’s pretty rare these days to hear a band that fuses great lyrics with upbeat melodies and the kind of guitar playing that just gets stuck in your head. Now I’m not proposing everyone to start dying your hair black and get those skinny jeans out of the closet but if Kingfisher is the start of a 90’s emo revival and more records like this are forthcoming I’m all ears.

Kingfisher fits right in with The Get Up Kids’ Something To Write Home About and Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American.

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