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Pressure – Your Rage

Pressure – Your Rage

I remember that people were very excited about Pressure’s demo which was released on vinyl by Positive and Focused, Monument and Heartland Records. That excitement wasn’t misplaced as a lot of European hardcore kids were longing for a band that brought back that positive hardcore-vibe of Insted and The First Step.

One only has to hear Trapped Inside, the first song of this EP, to realise that another band has been a main influence on this Pressure record: A Life Less Plagued- era Carry On.

Yet Portugal’s Pressure isn’t the reincarnation of one of the best straight edge bands of the late nineties. Unfortunately, if you are as much into Carry On as I am.

Pressure misses the ‘punch’ that made that last Carry On record such a great one. Especially the singer seems to be out of breath on the longer songs like Crossed Out. (Which has a great sing along part in the end). And some of the riffs seem to be a bit chaotic, this however can also have something to do with the sound quality of my digital promo copy.

Where A Life Less Plagued was a record that had some kind of urgency and frustration, Your Rage is an ep of hard songs that lack the emotional ballast which made A Life Less Plagued such a strong output. Maybe Pressure tried a bit too hard to follow in Carry On’s footsteps whereas they should have sticked with themselves a bit more.

Listen to the record here:

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