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Propagandhi – Failed States

Propagandhi – Failed States

Our goal is always to create a no-holds-barred, forward-thinking, tip-of-the-hat to the giants — Voivod, Rush, NoMeansNo, SNFU, Sacrifice, Razor, Guilt Parade – that have gone before us. We are in their debt and take the mission seriously. Even when we’re singing about liking Kurt Russell as Captain Ron, we take the mission seriously. Failed States is our most formidable – and to me personally, our most surprising — attempt at conjuring the numinous from the quotidian. Yes, I had to look those words up.

Says Propagandhi frontman Chris Hannah about the sixth record of his band. The first for Epitaph. Well spoken, but anyone who has followed the Canadian band ever since 1993’s debut How To Clean Everything knows Hannah has always been a verbal person.

Long gone however are the days of snotty skate board punk. Over the years Propagandhi has morphed into a crossover beast of punk and trash metal. Riffs inspired by Bolt Thrower fused with the rage and urgency more often seen in hardcore, hell some of these songs remind me of Trial somehow.

Where most bands mellow out in their later days it seems that Propagandhi is even more focused and gritting now then they ever were. The sum of it all results in the best Propagandhi record to date.

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  1. trueal said on 2012-09-23

    Such a great, great record! Really outstanding. But have to say that, at this moment, it does not top supporting caste. It misses the many obvious “holy crap best song ever” moments as much on Supporting Caste due to a couple of songs that simply seem to miss those moments. But after saying that, the album is growing on me and it may outgrow, or level, at the same height. Man man, you gotta love propagandhi for being such gifted musicians.

    “It doesn’t have as many obvious “holy crap best song ever” moments as much as Supporting Caste at first (again, due to the harder/heavier nature of the record), but a few listens is all it takes to realize that the band really has NEVER sounded this good”
    ( taken from an extensive review at )

  2. DavidTH said on 2012-09-23

    Def like supporting caste better. More memorable songwriting/hooks.

  3. TRILOB said on 2012-09-24

    Haven’t listened to this record that much but i also think Supporting Caste is way better 🙂