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Pure Love – Anthems

Pure Love – Anthems

Gallows probably was the band most readers of this site loved to hate a couple of years back. A British hardcore band making big bucks is a very easy target. I of course secretly enjoyed their first ep and major label debut Grey Britain. But Gallows is a past thing for Frank Carter. He’s on to something new and way more poppy with Pure Love. A band that, next to Carter, also consists of Jim Carrol of The Hope Conspiracy and The Suicide File and on stage is backed by Jared Shavelson of Hope Conspiracy/Paint It Black/None More Black on drums.

The second track of Anthems gives a pretty good idea about the eleven songs on the record:

I’m so sick of singing about hate
It’s never gonna make a change
It breaks me down bit by bit
Keep me steadily feeling sick

Carter sings on ‘Bury My Bones’. A mindset totally opposite of his Gallows’ days. And that it comes with a total change in sound is quite obvious. Manic Street Preachers is one of the bands that come to mind when listening to Anthems. Since I love The Manics, I have no problem whatsoever with that.

Even a song called ‘Riot Song’ has nothing to do with grim hardcore and more with a sound still played by New Model Army


‘Handsome Devils Club’ is another hit track

Though the band kind of overstretches themselves on the slower ‘Burning Love’ and the akin to U2 ‘March of the Pilgrims’ Anthems remains a very pleasant surprise.

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