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Razorblade – My Name Is Vengeance

Razorblade – My Name Is Vengeance

The reason why I don’t write as much reviews as I want to is because here I get total freedom. And I always want to write lengthy reviews because I love to read lengthy reviews. Simple as that. Sometimes a band gives you no choice. Write a short review or suck it.

My name is vengeance from Den Bosch proudest Oi! outfit is short, hard as nails and to the point. Some say it’s brickwall Oi!. I haven’t got a clue what that means but after some more experimental stuff the band is going back to basics. Wouter his voice is more burly than ever and there is no time to catch your breath. Simple, straightforward and brash.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a small downside. I didn’t like the repeated Undersieges in ‘Under Siege’. And hey, ten songs and only an intro seems short. Then again who cares, all the sooner you can hear your favourite songs again. Classic!

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