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Real Life Version – The Sound Of Progress

Real Life Version – The Sound Of Progress

Real Life Version are here to put Ajdovscina hardcore on the map. The Slovenian town is a regional centre of alternative music according tot he band and that’s also where they come from. The band has been touring around Europe and their home country since their start in 2005. This is their new album titled The Sound Of Progress.

They’ve played live shows with various bands from all over Europe like Part Time Killer from Finland, Marble Feather from France and probably a bunch more. They seem to play a lot of shows with Seehearspeak, a band playing melodic hardcore from Slovenia as well. Thats what these guys sound like too. I hope for these guys that with their title they weren’t thinking of that band with that singer who’s now in jail.

The band is quite catchy and melodic, though never really seems to shout out for your attention. After opener ‘Strait Jacket’ and ‘Identities Commodified’ you start to hope for some hooks, some sharper guitar play, but it all feels a bit blended together. Even the gang shouts seem dull. So ‘Down to Zero’ demonstrates that same sound. Though a bit more heavy laden, it lacks the punch to take it home.

The vocals seem to carry much of the guilt in here. Having lost the original vocalist, the band continued as a four piece and just adapted. Not always guaranteed good results. I’ve read comparisons with Hot Water Music as well as A Wilhelm Scream and both seem to be having a lot that this band doesn’t. It doesn’t have the vibe of the first, nor the power of the second. You can also blaim the mix for that, since this band might sound very different if you twiddle some volume here and there.

That being said, once, the band picks up a more emotional tone on ‘Suicidal Note’, I have to admit it feels nice. A bit like good old Undeclinable Ambuscade (The Undeclinables). Anyways, not the record you want to pick up if you’re not into that.

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