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Republic of Dreams – Republic of Dreams

Republic of Dreams – Republic of Dreams

A CD that has ten songs and lasts only 14 minutes must be fast oldschool hardcore, grindcore or screamo. Taking the the name Republic of Dreams into account it probably is a screamo act. And it is. 10 blasts of emo energy are forced to blast through your speakers. Hysterical and intense vocals let you think about a small guy lying on a floor making spastic movements.

Republic of Dreams has chosen a sound where you exactly hear every instrument and thank god they also play their music tight! They carry the same approach as hipsters Black Metal band Liturgy does but they leave out the evil riffs. It’s technical screamo that doesn’t stay at the same speed and also has samples thrown into to get out of the heat for a while.

When I listen to these ten songs, the good old days of As the Sun Sets comes to my mind. Please, if you are into Republic of Dreams, also check out this legendary American outfit. Both bands share intensity, over the top vocals and frantic but tight songs that are over before you know. They leave you sweating in a corner of the sleeping room after turning it down.

The members are already experienced and gained attention as the legendary Louise Cyphre. Also members of Apoplexy Twist Orchestra and Resurrectionists are in the ranks. The first 7 songs will be released on a split LP with Cloud Rat and the others were previous available on a split with Beau Navire. All songs are great, but to name one outstanding I’ll go for “(Your) Banality is Evil”. It has it all; intense screams, spastic riffs and melancholy thrown all over it!

Track 8 and also from the split with  Beau Navire:

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