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Rescuer – With Time Comes The Comfort LP

Rescuer – With Time Comes The Comfort LP

Try to picture this: you are at home, wondering what to do. You think of that new record you got and decide to give it a spin. So you get up, put the record on start it and head back to your seat. It starts playing and you stand there on your way to the couch, your comfy chair or whatever. You are stopped dead in your tracks and think: “oh wow, this sounds good!”. You sit down, relax a bit while listening to the music. You pick up a book or check your phone to see if you’re still important to the world. After a while you get yourself a drink. And suddenly… silence. And you think: “what was I listening again?”. You put the record back up and again you are amazed by the quality of the music you’re listening. But again you are surprised when the record ends. And you have hardly heard those last songs. That is basically what happened when I listened to the new Rescuer album “With Time Comes The Comfort”.

So, am I saying this is a bad record? No, definitely not! If I listen to a single track I enjoy¬†the quality offered. Even though some songs feel a bit unfinished and end at a point where I expect them to continue a bit longer. The point I’m trying to get across is: if this would have been an EP, this would have been great. It would have left me craving for more! But this is no EP, this is an LP. And unfortunately Rescuer did not manage to keep me focused for the full duration of this album. It’s hard to figure out why. The songwriting feels a bit rushed, that doesn’t help. The band plays a bit too long with the same ideas, making the songs sound just a little bit too much the same to keep a listener focused. I always enjoy working toward that killer song each album should have. I can listen to filler songs as long as I know there’s something extraordinary good coming up in one or two songs. I have not found that stand out song here. Not a big stinker either, mind you! All songs are more or less on the same quality level.

I realize that after this rant you still have no clue what to expect musically from this Florida based band. Let’s just say it’s not that interesting that they are from Florida. Let’s say they come from Defeater-country, where they are located close to the border with Brothers and Comeback kid-land. That should give you a clue of what to expect.

So, for people that can’t listen to Defeater, Modern life is war or Midnight souls enough, you might¬†want to give Rescuer a try. If you want to try if this genre is for you, I would advise you to skip Rescuer and start with the other bands mentioned in the previous sentence.

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