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Restless Youth – Light Up Ahead

Restless Youth – Light Up Ahead

Restless Youth. Let’s go back a year or 2? Something like that. I remember hearing a MP3 on the board from a new band from the Brabant area, calling themselves Restless Youth. What I heard was something completely different from what was going on at the time. Not too long after that I saw them play a show and they completely turned the place upside down. Something was happening. After that they released a demo and a 7″/MCD and now there’s this full length, Light Up Ahead.

Once again Restless Youth is doing something totally different. This time they threw in Stooges, MC5 and Wipers influences. I can’t name any other band doing this right now. The recording has been done in Studio 195 and totally fits this album, somewhat of an old “vibe” without overdoing it. Highlights for me are “Cold Hearted”, “Light Up Ahead”, “Thieves”, “Channel Zero”. That’s almost half of the tracklist already but I could have typed up the whole tracklisting anyway. The record lasts 20 minutes, if you think that’s short, there’s a simple solution. Just be sure to put it on repeat. No bad songs at all, no need to skip anything. The artwork deserves mention too, great stuff.

I don’t think I’m ever going to rate something 5 stars but maybe this CD does deserve them. Maybe this is indeed a classic record. Time will tell, for now 4,5 stars will do just fine.

Normally I would close off with something like “go pick up this record now” but that would be insulting you people, you already have this one ofcourse. Now go and put it on again!


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