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Riddarna – Under Jorden

Riddarna – Under Jorden

Don’t let the looks of the album cover fool you, the band Riddarna is not of the grim, frostbitten satanic sort. They play therir own mixture of postpunk and fuzzy rock like Sonic Youth used to do. This is their third album titled Under Jorden.

The band reminds you of the 90’s, but the right side of those ofcourse, with names like Sonic YouthFugazi, Refused and Nirvana all influencing their sound. Coming from the isolated Gotland region (which is an Island of Sweden’s coast), there is definitely a dark melancholic vibe to their sound.

However, the vocals sound slightly upbeat. Maybe with an air of that Queens of the Stone Age irony to it. Fuzzed out guitar parts and melodic vocals fill up a complete sound. The band also knows how to produce a bit of a stadium sound, which can be heard on songs like ‘Simma Hem’, where a bit of britpop influences seem to be audible. The band manages to stay interesting on every tune, though the lyrics are in Swedish.

Radiohead might also be named when we hear ‘Nu Der Aldrig’, a hypnotizing, gloomy song in the vein of the masters of this style. Jangly guitar work is ever present on all songs this record has to offer. That combined with a tight rhythm and some strange elements makes this band an attractive listen for those who like an element of surprise. To really put this band in one category is impossible, though they definitely have a streak of nineties they bring back to memory.

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