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Ringworm / Mindsnare – split 7″

Ringworm / Mindsnare – split 7″

Ringworm released Scars earlier this year, an awesome vile metalcore album and now they are back with a new split. Further research tells us the songs on the A-side were already recorded in 2007 and 2005. On the B-side the Australian band Mindsnare are doing their thing with a mixture of hardcore and thrash metal.

The purple vinyl is packed in a short comic book, designed by Ringworm’s singer Human Furnace. It includes a funny story about a girl in a recordstore that picks up this split EP and experience an adventure. I am not going to spill anymore details because you have to read it yourself when you have bought this, essential, split.

Essential? Yes, because the two Ringworm songs are, as always, full of hate caused by the thundering guitar riffs, raging drums and the spitting vocals of Human Furnace. The first song, Leviathon, could’ve been on Birth is Pain. It’s pissed off and has a great drive. Next up, One Day, continues in the same rage but feels like it’s over before it even started. I wished it would’ve been a bit longer.

I remember Mindsnare from a split EP with Congress a long time ago and it surprises me they still exist. They are around as long as Ringworm are, just less known. Their songs are also not as sparkling as the A-side. Especially the vocals are a huge letdown. I can’t get used to it. The Thrashy main riff in Gather to Decompose… also doesn’t do it for me, luckily Twist and Burn is better. A good combination of metal and hardcore, similar to the style of Ringworm, with a bit more breakdowns. If you forget the snarling vocals this is a pretty way to end this split.

Nevertheless if you are a true Ringworm fanatic you need this EP for the A-side anyway of course.

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