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Rise And Fall – Into Oblivion

Rise And Fall – Into Oblivion

Rise And Fall plays punkmetal, not punk, not metal, not clevo hardcore, certainly not metalcore. Punkmetal, don’t forget. So what does punkmetal sound like? Well in the case of Rise And Fall like a gigantic wall of sound hitting you like a train and destroying as much as possible in the process. Only not sounding as cliche as this description. Others say they sound like Ringworm, Integrity and Entombed mixed together, which is quite correct, I guess. Another band that kept popping up while listening was Tragedy, on overdrive perhaps. Bust most of all Rise And Fall sounds raw and pissed.

The CD kicks off fast and furious with “Forked Tongues” and the intensity of that track holds up for the rest of the CD. With songs like “Failure Is As Failure Does”, “Live In Sin” and “The Void” (guest vocals by Stijn Reproach) Rise And Fall completely blows you away. Bjorn screams like there’s no tomorrow and the band seems to be chasing some of their own demons too. “Stakes Is High” and instrumental closer “Ruins” are a bit slower, but even those songs make you wanna crush things. Everything just sounds so damn heavy!

The production is raw (in a good way) and it fits the Rise And Fall sound perfectly. The artwork is done by J. Bannon so you know what to expect. Skulls and a lot of splatters. The drawing inside the booklet is great, even better than the front. It fits the mood of the CD perfectly. The lyrics are a bit hard to read though and that’s the only negative thing you’re going to get from me about this record.

Be sure to check them out live, if you didn’t already. You wil not be disappointed. Anyway, get with the program, pick this up. Another killer release from Reflections.

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