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RunningLate – Spectators

RunningLate – Spectators

RunningLate is a relatively new Dutch punk band. After listening to this new EP a couple of times I felt the urge to pick up my board and skate. In other words: the skatepunk influences are undeniable. The band themselves claim to be influenced by Pennywise, Much the Same, Rise Against, Ignite and No Use For A Name. Perhaps they are, but listening to this EP a couple of times I was reminded of New Pokerface (but with a better singer) and Adhesive (who’s From left to right album has had quite some spins around here).

Despite the skatepunk moniker I put on them they are not just about fun; on the contrary, they are not afraid to deal with heavy subjects. EP closer Borders crossed, a song inspired by the news we receive from Syria, deals with innocent folks who see their lives destroyed by warmonging politicians.

I really can’t listen to this type of music if the production is not up to par. Well, I worried for no reason as the production here is top notch. To complete the package the EP is adorned with totally awesome artwork, making this a very complete product.

It’s almost unbelievable this is only the bands second EP. I think they are ready for more and am sure they can compete with the international competition any time!

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