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Self Defense Family – Duets

Self Defense Family – Duets

It’s hard keeping track of all the output by Patrick Kindlon under the Self Defense Family moniker. I think Duets is their fourth EP this year but the outstanding side of it is the fact that Caroline Corrigan is on it too.

If you liked You Are Beneath Her you’ll like this as well. The Way Out is Back is a nice acoustic folk song to open with, but the duo deliver better after that. Been Passed On hears them skilfully harmonizing and her soothing voice is a great contrast with the harsher vocals by Kindlon. Simple electrical guitar work adds to the whole. And so the EP carries on. Corrigan handles the main vocal duties and although her style is not that different from her own country band, she does bring something new to the table for Self Defense Family. Something that I miss in most of their own songs, maybe it has to do with Kindlon subdued vocal style which he only uses on one song of Duets, Incoming Calls.

Listen to the full stream here.

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