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Sex Drive – s/t

Sex Drive – s/t

Hey listen up you stuck up old guy. Still hung up on that early Dischord catalogue and those precious releases by The Necros and Negative Approach? You really do think hardcore stopped being a source of powerful music made by outcasts after 1989. You’re dead wrong. Dead Stop already proved that ten years ago and Sex Drive is another confirmation that while there isn’t much left of a flourishing Dutch hardcore scene there are still a few bands left making songs that feel like a stomp in your stomach.

For their debut full length Sex Drive went to record with Patrick Delabie at the well known 195 studios. When it comes to recording Dutch and Belgium hardcore classics Delabie is pretty close to legendary by now. He did record bands like Restless Youth, the aforementioned Dead Stop as well as Justice and a whole bunch more. The man knows about the roots of this music and he’s the go to guy if you want to stay clear of way too modern sounds but go for that fuck yeah this is how a raw sounding band should sound sound.

Are you still with me cause this review is becoming longer than your average Sex Drive song.

So yes there are still fast tracks on the lp. Fast and furious. But there’s some mid tempo stuff here as well which makes the Sex Drive sound less of a full on assault that leaves no space for breathing. In fact the more slowed down songs may be even more aggressive, there’s a hint of anger that just can’t be denied.

This is a record of outstanding quality. If these were those precious 80’s and the songs of this record had find their way to Maximum Rock N’ Roll everyone would be writing letters about this obscure Dutch band with a sound similar to bands from the American mid west, shaking up the Dutch and European hardcore scene. Playing shows in squats where riots broke out and police came to shut them down. Someone probably would start making patches with the band name and buttons would appear as well.

All those things will not happen, but that doesn’t take away the fact that between Sex Drive and the new ManLiftingBanner record there’s still a fire burning within the Netherlands. A fire however small that ignites the few and proud who still believe in this thing called hardcore.


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