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Sex Drive – Urban Predator

Sex Drive – Urban Predator

I can be as short about this record as the songs on the record are: This EP popped up in the top ten list from various editors of Maximum RockNRoll. In fact it was mentioned as many times as that much-heard- about-but-can’t-seem-to-buy-it-anywhere LP from The Boston Strangler. This record is good if you’re into fast old styled hardcore with a DIY attitude.

Especially in Europe the band could play the (ex)members of card by labeling themselves as an ex Mainstrike, Reaching Forward, Strip The Threads, Razorcrusade, Downslide, Justice and Line Of Defense band. However that would raise wrong expectations about the musical style. Sex Drive has more in common with the bands you can read about in American Hardcore.  If I didn’t knew the guys in the band I would expect them to be big bald guys with hardly any teeth, wearing torn up jeans, Doc Martens and patches of Negative Approach and Necros.

It’s great to see that people still care enough about hardcore to start up a new band and write some fist pumping tracks even when some of them have been around the block for a long time.

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