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Shrine – Aether

Shrine – Aether

Shrine is surprising with their three song debut demo (now released on a 7 inch vinyl). They take the old heritage of Mastodon, mix it with some crustcore and top it off with an insane maniac on vocals that also handles the guitar. It has the right dose of aggression, progression and not to forget the groove.

Not much is known, except they come from Scandinavia (Sweden to be precise) and already released a self-titled demo in 2010. They already played with Entombed so I guess they found their groove at this show. “Delusional Kings” is a long spun out track that finally explodes as a rockin’ band with a metal sound.

All is played with a punky youth vibe, the last two songs are a bit shorter and feel compacter of course. You still can’t ignore the Mastodon alike riffs but they fit really well in the energy level and the brutality of the band. The irritating (in a positive way!) screaming vocals give the EP ‘Aether’ a different face luckily. Very promising EP from a (still) young band and let’s see what new work will bring.

The record is pressed on red vinyl and there is also a normal, black version.

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