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Skip The Foreplay – Nightlife

Skip The Foreplay – Nightlife

In the package that contained the Pennywise – All Or Nothing record there was another record. Skip The Foreplay with Nightlife. A surprise to me, because they didn’t mention it when they talked about sending me the Pennywise record.

But I can fully understand why they kept it quiet. Maybe they hoped I overlooked it, wouldn’t find it. Maybe they’re feverishly checking this page every day at the moment, hoping I’m not going to review it. Probably not, but I actually liked the idea. Maybe a temp, made a mistake and put in the wrong record? But I get it, the people sending me this stuff are just doing their job, they didn’t make the decision to sign this band right? They still want to look proud when they tell people they work for Epitaph Records. I really feel for them, because someone up there is making it very hard for them. And at first I wanted to forget about this release, not even listen to it. But I changed my mind. I wanted to give it a chance. Prove me wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Yes, but it’s not me. It’s this record. It’s this band. It’s the idea of a label like Epitaph Records putting out stuff like this. I’m all for eurohouse actually (I jump for joy to 2 Unlimited and so should you), but let’s not mix it with generic and crappy metalcore. It’s just wrong. To any bands out there toying around with the idea to start a band like this. DON’T. To any labels toying around with the idea to send in more records like this… DON’T.

To give you an idea, just check this video:

I’m not even going to talk about the lyrics or the fact Alternative Press apparently thought they were one of the 100 bands you need to know about… No, I’m just going to suggest you skip the foreplay, the actual act, the cuddling afterwards. Even better, skip the whole initial meeting. Just move along and pretend nothing happened. You’ll feel a lot better. Avoid at all costs.

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  1. Just Killing Time said on 2012-05-05

    Sounds coolnto me. 🙂 Better than revisiting all those tired old hardcore clichés. Or starting a band sounding like cro-mags. Man, I hate cro-mags.

  2. The Invisible Guy said on 2012-05-05

    The video really speaks for itself…

  3. Tim said on 2012-05-05

    I didn’t understand the rant until that girl started autotuning.

  4. xroldx said on 2012-05-05

    … I’m in love with the DJ? Really? I’d say hang the dj that plays this stuff.

  5. Just Killing Time said on 2012-06-16

    Awesome record, hasn’t left my car stereo for weeks. I love cheese like this.

    Saying a lable like Epitaph shouldnt release bands like this is living in the past and rather naive, imho. Bands like these keep the chimney smoking these days, Pennywise and NoFX records don’t.

    • Pim said on 2012-06-16

      The past isn’t always better (far from it), but in some cases it might just be 😉

      I get what you’re saying Rik (and there’s a point to it, to a certain degree), but I guess I’m just not open-minded enough for this kinda stuff, sorry. But then again, a label sends this stuff to me to get an opinion on it. And that’s what they got. We can’t all like the same stuff. Luckily.

      • Just Killing Time said on 2012-06-16

        Oh I’m not saying you should like this record (i understand why you don’t) and your opinion and review are just fine. I just found that bit about people working at Epitaph being ashamed a bit overdone. The people that work over at epitaph these days probably like this kind of music. 😉

        And it’s not like epitaph have comepletely abandoned the music they got big with. It’s not like they’re like, say, Victory…

  6. Just Killing Time said on 2012-06-16

    So releasing things kids actually dig enables Epitaph to also release records only old farts would like. 😉