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Slow End Fest @ Dynamo, Eindhoven

Slow End Fest @ Dynamo, Eindhoven

With a line-up including bands like Voorhees and Sickoids one could expect one hell of a good show. Especially when there’s also going to be a spoken word by Jos Seein Red. So was it the weather or just a general lack of interest that prevented people to come to this fest en masse?

One could speculate a lot about the not that great turn out. But I’d rather focus on what you’ve missed if you weren’t there.

I’d say the first highlight is the Dynamo in general, it’s a professionally run club without the attitude that some of these venues have. The ‘hey keep this place tidy and please be quiet we’re trying to be professional here’ kind of attitude.

Slow End Fest is more than music. This used to be common, like 10 years ago, and it’s good to see a part of it back in 2013. Besides the really entertaining spoken word by Jos Seein Red and Arne Antidote you could also get tattooed by Frankie Deny and Diana Ozon also made an appearance. How great is that.

As for the bands, they were all fast and loud. Voorhees absolutely killed it but Denmark’s Night Fever were the surprise of the evening. Sickoids was a band many people seemed to enjoy and Toxic Shock sure know how to put up a good show.

If there’s going to be another edition next year, you can count me in.

[UPDATE: Gallery has been lost while upgrading the site – sorry ]

Photos by Koen Tornij.

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  1. kjkepel said on 2013-06-13

    In the Netherlands its hard to have a big turn out for a ‘fast’ hardcore show if it doesnt include a reunion show or a farewell show. I think the turn out was pretty oke, making the venue a bit smaller made it a lot cooler, but the Dynamo is at its best when its packed like at the Bloodshed Fest (500+ people) cause its a huge place. The Sickoids were awesome, the spokenword was verry cool aswell. Night Fever is from Denmark by the way….

    • Pim said on 2013-06-13

      Now we can do two things, either Night Fever moves to Germany, or we change Germany to Denmark… Last option is probably easier 😉 Cool band by the way. We played with them twice or something on that Scandinavian trip we did.

  2. Just Killing Time said on 2013-06-13

    Just a minor thing: too bad there’s no caption when the photo opens, so you don’t know which band is which. You see the filename when you hover over the thumbnail, but still…

  3. Just Killing Time said on 2013-06-13

    Love Karel Ankers hat and the Thunderdome tattoo on the leg of that dude in Terror Defense, hahaha.

  4. L'eau Oui Que said on 2013-06-14

    If there is one band in Holland I’m still desperate to see it must be Karel Anker. Love ’em!