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Spirits – s/t EP

Spirits – s/t EP

Only last week, in his review of the new Appraise album, Rold noted there’s a shortage of exciting new straight edge hardcore bands. Well, I’ve got some good news for him. Coin Toss Records, a new label from New Mexico, has found a hidden gem playing sxe. The band fits right up the alley with Mindset and Stay Hungry, although I’d say they must have heard a couple of Champion songs as well.

Their fast played, yet slightly melodic hardcore sounds urgent. It doesn’t stray from the path, but some small elements that I wouldn’t necessarily expect from a band in this genre are added and make them stand out. Just check out the melodic vocals on closing track Kill this sound for example.

Of course this EP is over before you know it. The good news is the band is already working on a full length. I say: bring it on! Is 2015 going to be a good year for sxe?

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