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State Of Mind – Bitter Times, Better Times

State Of Mind – Bitter Times, Better Times

I was really looking forward to this 7″ and I’m in no way dissapointed. I really liked their demo and the previous MCD/7″ but this simply blows both away with ease. It’s cool to see this band kept growing and growing in a short period of time.

With “Bitter Times, Better Times” you get 3 grooving NYHC songs and a great, heavy, almost 2 minute long intro which really sets the mood for the rest to come. Reminded me of Crown Of Thornz in a way, which is never a bad thing.

Light The Fuse put it like this themselves on their new website:

State of Mind’s been pushing their boundaries for their new record. Think of the sound on their debut 7″/MCD on BUST! Records, add some more groove, more diverse lyrics and killer artwork and you have their newest EP. This is a record to bang your head to from the first to the last minute and destined to take this band to the next level!

Except for the “killer” artwork part I totally agree (probably just me being the pricky designer again). It’s not the usual bullshit to promote a record like you normally read, they’re telling it like it is. This IS a great 7″ and with this record they DO take it to that next level. Great sound, great lyrics. Get with the program.

I could have been way shorter on this one actually cause all in all it just comes down to this: check this band out NOW if you didn’t already and get this record. You’ll love it. That’s all there is to it.

Next stop: a full length?

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