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State Of Mind – Knowledge Of Self

State Of Mind – Knowledge Of Self

Since we streamed it on SWNK in co-operation with Take It Back Records, you might already have heard this record. Last week I pretty much already said what I thought about it, so I might repeat myself here and there, but hey, this record deserves a proper review.

GROOVE. That’s the first thing that always comes to mind when I hear State Of Mind, and this new album is no exception. The same way people love it when a band plays faster than the speed of light, I love it when a band has a proper groove. And as soon as the first drumbeat did hit my eardrums I knew I would love this record.

Aside from that groove, it’s the sweet guitar licks and solo’s that add an extra layer to the songs. Just listen to the beginning of “Answers”, that’s State Of Mind in full effect. And there’s Emiel’s singing. Once again, people might disagree, but I love it when a singer is able to carry a tune and does not simply bark his way through a song.

All in all they’re not doing anything new with “Knowledge Of Self”, they’re not re-inventing themselves or taking it to the next level or something like that. They just released a damn fine record. One that will feel at home just fine besides my other State Of Mind records. One that will end up in my yearlist and one that will hold me over until the next one (that I’m already looking forward to). As always.

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