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Strength For A Reason / No Turning Back split

Strength For A Reason / No Turning Back split

No Turning Back. What’s left to say about these guys? Lots of bands talk about world domination, No Turning Back turned it into reality. They toured relentlessly and I guess by now, they’ve seen pretty much every corner of this planet of ours. Twice. It’s amazing to see how much this band has grown throughout the years.

In between all the touring they found the time to record and release this picture disc split 7″. It’s just exactly what you expect from the “Kings of Brabant”. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing fancy, nothing new. Just more No Turning Back. Solid hardcore. And I know for sure that’s exactly what you were all waiting for.

So there you go, if you liked the previous stuff you can buy this without hesitation. I mean, I could say I still prefer “Rise From The Ashes” (“Sick World”, “Poisoned Tongues”!) to most of the newer stuff, but nobody cares. A song like “Brotherhood” could have been on there anyway. It has a great groove and all you moshkids will go crazy on it. No doubt about that.

There’s another band on this piece of wax too. Strength For A Reason. I noticed I kinda lost attention halfway the first song. I gave it a couple of spins and it’s not bad at all, but I just can’t get into it. Don’t know what it is exactly and most of you probably disagree with me. I mean, I looked through our archive and found Duncan’s review of their “Show And Prove” CD from 2003 and he absolutely loved it. To me it mainly shows the weakness of most splits though. You end up listening to your favorite side most of the time. Even when the other side isn’t bad at all.

The picture disc looks amazing, great artwork done by Rafal Wechterowicz. There are no lyrics though, not with my copy at least. They could have added a lyric sheet or something. I still love to sit down and read those. It’s a hardcore record after all.

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