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Super Unison – S/T demo

Super Unison – S/T demo

Meghan O’Neill (Punch) paired up with ex-members from Snowing, maybe over a shared love for Drive Like Jehu and recorded four songs under the Super Unison moniker. A cassette is in the making, vinyl is probably soon to surface after that.

The powerviolence/grindcore and emo sounds of the previous bands collide into a post hardcore sound with a lot melody. O’Neill still uses her tortured screams to add power to the musical outbursts, but more often she sings. Her vocal approach could some getting used to, at times it sounds a little forced. But it works great, it reminds a bit of Self Defense Family. Sometimes post punk with a melodic element, but mainly, energetically played post hardcore with a shared lyrical angst with Punch (read: social issues).


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