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Sweet Jesus – You Destroy Yourself

Sweet Jesus – You Destroy Yourself

Let’s not play the ‘hardcore supergroup’ or the ‘ex-members of’ card for a while and just appreciate what Sweet Jesus have done on their debut full length. Just like Praise they’ve delved into the history of hardcore, more in particular the sound of Swiz and early Dischord bands, and put a contemporary twist on it. The result isn’t something groundbreaking but it sure is refreshing and even more important: very good.

I’m well aware that probably some readers aren’t familiar with the name Swiz. That’s nothing to be ashamed about. Just imagine some real rockin, guitar driven hardcore without moshparts or gang vocals. The same can be said of Sweet Jesus (Swiz vocalist Shawn Brown even does some guest vocals on this record).

You Destroy Yourself is more than a homage to Swiz. There are other things going on as well. Some songs have that late Have Heart sound. Oh, I now have your attention? Well let’s play the ex-members card then because Sweet Jesus consists of members of Have Heart, Verse, Soul Control and Fucking Invincible.

That should be enough for you to check them out and be surprised because You Destroy Yourself is one of those rare gems in todays hardcore.

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