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Terror – Live By The Code

Terror – Live By The Code

Ever since debuting with Lowest Of The Low Terror has been one of the most prolific hard working bands out there. They gained a lot of popularity throughout the years mainly because of their work ethic. You just know the band always plays a good show. In all fairness, their records could never really live up to what they’d done on Lowest Of The Low. That is, until Keepers Of The Faith was released. Everything about that record breathes hardcore and it was the right record at the right time for the band.

There’s probably a lot of pressure on a band after they’ve released a modern hardcore classic. A record that fits right in with Agnostic Front’s Last Warning, Madball’s Set It Off and Sick Of It All’s Scratch The Surface. If there was any pressure on Terror, they don’t show it on Live By The Code. This record is a logical follow up to Keepers Of The Faith, if not a bit harder and darker.

Opening track ‘The Most High’ could have been one of the stand out tracks on Keepers Of The Faith. The theme of the song is very similar. Once again it’s about how great of a place the hardcore scene is.

‘I’m Only Stronger’ reminds me a lot of Hapiness Without Peace era Subzero, maybe not that strange considering Terror did a cover of ‘Boxed In’ as a bonus track on Keepers Of The Faith.

And there’s the titletrack ‘Live By The Code’ which just like ‘Keepers Of The Faith’ is another track that will go down well with Terror fans worldwide.

I could go on about the eight other songs on this record but by now I think you’ve got a good idea what you can expect of Live By The Code. If you were a Keeper Of The Faithwithout a doubt you’re also going to Living By The Code. It’s the hardcore way, It’s the Terror way. It might not be the only way but this record does keep Terror right up there as one of the bigger hardcore bands around  but one of the few who keep releasing good new records and not only cash in on songs written almost twenty years ago. If that’s living by the code, I’m all for that.

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