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Terror – No Regrets No Shame: The Bridge Nine Days

Terror – No Regrets No Shame: The Bridge Nine Days

Rumors were floating in 2002: Scott Vogel of Buried Alive was teaming up with guys from Carry On and Ten Yard Fight to form a very heavy hardcore band. When Bridge Nine released Lowest Of The Low in 2003 kids went berserk. The band became bigger and bigger since then and the line-up has changed a lot. No Regrets No Shame is a document of the early Terror, recorded in January of 2003, when the band performed at the Showcase Theater in Corona.

No Regrets No Shame features all the songs of Lowest Of The Low in a live setting. The one thing that immediately struck me is that there aren’t that many ‘Vogelisms‘ on this record. Either Scott Vogel wasn’t talking as much back then or they were all removed from the record. The other thing that strikes me is that Terror only playing Lowest Of The Low stuff is pretty boring. I miss later songs especially the ones from Keepers Of The Faith.

Next to the nine songs live CD and a story by Scott Vogel in which he looks back on the beginnings of Terror, No Regrets No Shame also features a DVD containing footage from the same show in the Showcase Theater as well as a music video for ‘Push It Away’ and footage from an in-store performance from around the same time. All directed by Ian McFarland (of Blood For Blood fame). All footage is in black and white and well edited with the use of many cams, making it a pretty good DVD. Yet Bridge Nine could have made a bit more out of this. For example by interviewing current and former members of Terror about that early stage of the band. I don’t know about the real Terror fanboys out there but I don’t see myself watching a DVD from Terror on stage more than once.

No Regrets No Shame is a nice addition for everyone who loves Terror and it’s also a great way for the ‘younger’ kids to see how one of the biggest hardcore bands around started out. However, if you don’t have Lowest Of The Low I would suggest you pick up that one first.


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