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The Charm The Fury – The Social Meltdown

The Charm The Fury – The Social Meltdown

Amsterdam’s The Charm The Fury seem to be the current ‘it’-band in modern metalcore. With nearly 11.000 likes on Facebook (at the time of writing), their music streaming on 3voor12’s Luisterpaal, an interview in Metal Hammer UK, being backed by several sponsors, a pretty huge crowd watching their set on the Macbeth-stage at Groezrock 2012 and some higher profile support slots, it’s safe to say this band is doing well. So, is this mainly due to the fact that TCTF has a very attractive female vocalist (I know, it shouldn’t matter at all, but since Caroline features pretty heavily in the band’s promotional efforts, just look at the band name alone, I don’t think they’ll blame me for asking this question) or is it all based on musical merit? Let’s have a listen!

In my opinion, anybody sceptic about this band’s musical abilities should be silenced by the opening track of this 5 song debut EP alone. Channeling the best work of later Walls of Jericho, ‘The Social Meltdown’ is as catchy as it is brutal, with an awesome chorus that aches to be screamed along. The other four songs are a bit less straight forward and combine the heavy melodies of bands like Underoath and Oh, Sleeper with August Burns Red-styled metal, resulting in lots of breaks and twists and turns. Add a touch of Every Time I Die’s Southern bravado and you have TCTF’s sound pretty much summed up. Caroline both has a heavy growl (that again reminds me a lot of Walls of Jericho’s Candice) and a beautiful singing voice. Not unimportantly, she’s able to pull both off live with ease.

The production and packaging of this self released EP are both top notch and there is no doubt In my mind The Charm The Fury will be signed by a label soon. Whether they will solidify a place for themselves in the already vastly overcrowded metalcore market remains to be seen, but I’d say they’re off to a good start.

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  1. cc said on 2012-08-21

    I had seen this band a month of 2 ago supporting Emmure. I was not inpressed at all and dont really see (besides the female) why they are gaining so much popularity. Altough there ep might be good, im not gonna check it out.

  2. Just Killing Time said on 2012-08-21

    And you did like Emmure? That might be your problem right there. 😉

    I think it’s just not your cup-o-joe Cemil, you probably don’t like most of the bands I referenced either. 🙂

  3. Niels said on 2012-08-21

    The Walls of Jericho comparison escapes me.

    • Pim said on 2012-08-21

      Girl. Screaming. Something along those lines Rik?

    • Guido said on 2012-08-21

      I agree, I guess its just.. girl screaming.. indeed. You dont have much to compare then..

      • Just Killing Time said on 2012-08-21

        Euhm… I explained myself perfectly fine below, didn’t I. Besides, music is always about personal perception, so is reviewing. I just write it like I hear it. 🙂

  4. Just Killing Time said on 2012-08-21

    Like I said, Caroline’s voice reminds me of Candice’s voice. And the opening track has a Walls of Jericho-vibe to me, especially in the chorus, although it also has a lot of Underoath. I do agree that the comparison is not very valid for the rest of the album, but that’s exactly what I said in my review. 🙂

  5. Nico said on 2012-09-05

    I can listen to this but the modern effects on mostly the guitar sound is pretty annoying. The clean singing is not my cup of tea but the non-clean parts sound good reminds me more of Gather than WOJ.