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The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt LP

The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt LP

The Gaslight Anthem is a band that mix old with new. They embrace style and complexity, offering the music their guts and energy. Their new record Get Hurt, is a branched out effort, they’ve sprinkled the already worked formula with some fresh key notes. Brian Fallon and his friends have embarked on thrilling their fans with music that will provoke and evoke, that will pierce the norm and hit the bell of originality. The new record is a decisive piece of music, dragging out the demons from their cages.

Get Hurt focuses well on compelling riffs and high pitched drumming. The wordplay is brilliantly executed too, Fallon bleeds out and spits out his feelings with graciousness, adding a touch of more energy to an already burning heart. His style and prowess is talked about, he manages to silence the critics and he always gives his all to the music cause. The band is a hard working machine, oiled and ready to last the long haul.

The record stands out with songs such as Get Hurt. The song starts softly. It will quiver the spine and the goosebumps might pop out. The elegant soft beat turns into a massive arena masterpiece. The song could be played at the end of a show, giving the people a piece of true music engineering. Fallon sings like there is grit stuck in his voice. Rollin And Tumbling is a radio friendly song. It commences with a high pitched guitar riff. Fallon’s vocals are raised, pounding the microphone. He shouts about misery and hate, there is a depressive tinge to the songs that are spewed from the leading man’s mind.

Selected Poems is another ballad. The lyrics are beautifully composed. The chorus is infectious, sticking to the corners of the mind. The riffs are simple, balanced well. There is even a little solo present, capturing the sheer talent and diversity of the band. Dark Places has a slow build up. The words are sincere, driven, and raw. The album has been built on pessimism and rage, dragged out feelings and sheer cut throat drama.

The Gaslight Anthem have constructed an album that does please. It could be perceived as being too depressive, but that’s what makes the band and the album unique, they speak from the heart, and play with complete sincerity.

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