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The Highbrow – Pelican Sounds

The Highbrow – Pelican Sounds

When singer Denis Kappes starts to sing in ‘Another Honest Man’ a gloomy blanket is coming down; call it irony because the dark Post-Punk/Indie Rock is also filled with uplifted punky parts a band like The Get Up Kids has made it’s trade mark off. The organ sound in ‘Pelliphone’ gives you a smile on your face and the positive guitar chord in the beginning of ‘All that life’ shows there is still a lot to enjoy in this life. So stay up and dance away your quarter-life crisis as stated in the biography.

The Highbrow has written six songs and Pelican sounds is their first output after the first full length in 2013. The first song ‘Another Honest Man’ is the easiest accessible song on the album (they also made a video for it); it’s also the least enjoyable one because afterwards the band goes into the same depth as a similar band like White Lies does. The dark undertones in the music are always combined with hope and joy; the sparkling voice of Kappes in the front of the mix to guarantee the listener will take the desperate side of the band not too serious.

So if you have old fashioned Post Punk, Indie Rock or Emo revamped into a modern jacket in sight be sure to take a listen and you will dance along at the drum beats, organ and guitar tunes of The Highbrow. Start your moves in the corner of the room and end in the middle of the dance floor (or when at home in front of your window so your neighbors can have a glimpse too!).

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