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The Kids’ Crusade – demo TAPE

The Kids’ Crusade – demo TAPE

This one was on our “to review” list for quite some time, but nobody picked it out. There should be a review on SWNK though, so I decided to do it myself, here we go:

My favorite demo of 2013. End of review.

That’s probably too short…

Like I said in an other review, this 90’s / alternative style is getting more popular every day and I’m loving it. Where lots of the newer bands in this style are going more for the pop / emo / dreamy style, The Kids’ Crusade keep it raw. I’m a sucker for melody, a raw edge and raspy voices and there’s plenty of it all on this tape. Aside from 3 originals, there’s also an Archers Of Loaf cover on this demotape. I’m not that familiar with the original, and at first I wasn’t really into this song, thinking their own songs were better. But it (and especially the ending of the song) grew on me.

All in all this demo just keeps me wanting more. I hope labels are paying attention and help them put out something new soon after this. If they keep going like this I might have found my new favorite current Dutch band. My favorite demo of 2013. Just press play below and find yourself clicking here to get your own tape.

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