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The Lighthouse Project – Atonement LP

The Lighthouse Project – Atonement LP

“Atonement” is the third Full Length recording from Finnish hardcore band The Lighthouse Project. I think I remember this band from when they toured with Endstand and played here in Toulouse. I recall a heavily tattooed dude on vocals, but I can’t remember what they sounded like. I have to say that this LP got me confused; I certainly don’t remember this band sounding so ferocious and all over the place! Their music is on the verge of what I would call post-hardcore; incorporating elements from many other genres and making it their own. Overall this is pretty dark, with really powerful and aggressive parts and some melodic elements as well. The vocals are what keeps them tied to the hardcore genre I would say, as it is the only thing in their music that sounds somewhat familiar to me.

Some parts reminded me of the early Cave In records; but apart from them and maybe 108/The Judas Factor, I couldn’t find a suitable comparison. This is good though, and the production do justice to the songs. You can tell that they’re going out of their way to deliver something original, and this album is full of surprises. I guess I have to mention the art cover which is spread overĀ  a gatefold LP; I think this is really awesome and really awful at the same time, I kinda hope they would make a shirt out of it haha! What do you guys think?

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