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The Love Below – Every Tongue Shall Caress

The Love Below – Every Tongue Shall Caress

Heavy, raw and filthy. Just three keywords to describe The Love Below. Sounds like what any average band tries to do, but Every Tongue Shall Caress offers more than that.

Those who have listened to The Love Below before know what to expect: sludgy hardcore with lots of dynamics in their songs. Fast paced parts combined with slow and heavy riffs that make you feel uncomfortable at times. The band has a 90’s feeling in their sound, but the harsh kind. Somewhat like Mean Season or older 108. Especially the growling and crying vocals show some similiraties to the Krishnacore legends.

And like most 90’s hardcore, The Love Below have something to say. Like you’d expect with songtitles like Nazi Uniform, Buyer’s Remorse and Family Entertainment. If you’re fed up and you feel you’re surrounded by assholes (and we all do at times), just listen to this record. It makes your day a little bit better.

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