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The Lowest – self-titled EP

The Lowest – self-titled EP

The Lowest hails from Warsaw, Poland, and is about to release their self-titled EP on tape. It has been available in digital format for a while now tho. The first thing one notices when listening to this EP is that it sounds good, really good. The band obviously did their best to get a great-sound & professional recording and it definitely pays off. And the band is also capable of writing good songs which keep your attention. The Lowest plays modern hardcore with heavy, drone-y riffs mixed with some more up-tempo parts. They do it well, but there is an issue here tho…

This band suffers from lack of identity. It feels like I’m listening to other bands, especially Brutality Will Prevail comes to mind a lot. Which I suppose is not a bad thing, as long as the music’s good, which it is. And I can see kids going nuts during this band at a show. But it would definitely be good for this band to work more on finding their own sound some more, right now they sound too much like the bands they have been influenced by.

As mentioned before, at the moment this EP is only available in digital form from the band’s bandcamp, however they will release it on tape sometime this month.

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