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The Real Danger – Down And Out

The Real Danger – Down And Out

Looking for the ideal record for cruisin on your skateboard through town? Or heading out to the beach? Or just spending a nice evening at home? Look no further. The Real Danger have outdone themselves on their third full length and it’s about time the world recoginizes this band as the best punkrock band out there, since Green Day turned into an opera machine, that guy from Screeching Weasel lost his mind and the Descendents went into semi-retirement.

From ‘Work It Out’ to ‘Summer’s Gone’ it’s twelve tracks of perfect punkrock. Catchy choruses, great melodies. The Real Danger know how to write great songs and they’re not afraid to show off their abilities. Michiel’s voice sounds even better than on previous releases and I hear a bit that has him sounding like Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids) on ‘Not The Only One’. Who ever thought the singer from Uppercut could pull that off? And the artwork looks great as always. This time it’s Erik Kriek who did a great job.

Down And Out is addictive. In bowling terms: this record is a strike.

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