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The Rival Mob – Mob Justice

The Rival Mob – Mob Justice

Despite it only being March as I type this, Mob Justice is already one of the most eagerly anticipated hardcore records of 2013, the second full length from Boston’s The Rival Mob. ‘Raw Life’, the bands Lockin Out debut from a few years back, was a good record, and 2010’s ‘Hardcore For Hardcore’ EP really brought the band to the fore in the global hardcore scene, whilst simultaneously providing us all with a new catchphrase. Their merch commands a lucrative price on ebay, and I’ve noticed an almost palpable sense of excitement amongst people in the weeks prior to Mob Justice coming out. Europe is literally crying out for this band to cross the water now, but they share members with Mind Eraser, New Lows, Boston Strangler and a bunch of other bands though, so I’m not sure if it’s likely. A lot of anticipation for this record then, but does it match up to expectations?

For those unaware, The Rival Mob play an aggressive form of hardcore punk heavily influenced by the classic, raw 80’s sounds of bands like Youth Of Today or Breakdown, which sounds somewhat similar to the more modern sound of bands like Shark Attack, although maybe not quite as fast. ‘Intro/grunt’ sets the tone and the pace for the record nicely, a minute and a half of bouncing chord progressions to bang your head to, in the fashion you’d expect if you know this band. Straight away there’s a slight difference in the production from the last record and the promo tape which some of these tracks appeared on, but the guitars still sound satisfyingly punchy behind the overtly aggressive, simple, effective vocal delivery. The Rival Mob have never taken things too seriously, and Mob Justice still has that tongue in cheek feeling like their previous efforts, thanks to the over the top vocal style and those ‘gorilla mosh’ breakdowns. There’s even time to squeeze in a few quick solos and divebombs amongst the unadulterated rage vocalist Brendan spits into the minute and a half long songs. A few favourites such as the title track and ‘Fake Big’, and ‘Boot Party’ return from the promo tape, still sounding fresh and aggressive as ever. Never really breaking the 2 minute mark, this collection of songs is an exercise in how to create a heavy sounding hardcore record without resorting to metallic guitar tunings and chugging riffs.

Without a doubt, Mob Justice dismisses any of The Rival Mob’s critics and smashes expectations, and is sure is to remain in my playlist for many months to come. Whether you’re that kid on his skateboard who hates his dad, or his dad wishing he was still at the Aggy Front show back in 89, if you like fast, no holes barred, pissed off hardcore punk that goes for the jugular, you’ll love this record, pick it up from Revelation records!

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