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The Scam – Fuck On

The Scam – Fuck On

Do a quick analysis of the cover of The Scam’s ‘Fuck On’ and you know exactly what you got in store. If 80’s and 90’s west-coast punk rock makes your crotch area soaking wet, continue reading.

Let’s have a look at their biography. The Scam claim to be the ONLY punk rock band in St. Lious, Missouri and shared stages with bands like The Offspring, Black Flag, The Dwarves and Swingin’ Utters. Personally I’d donate my left testicle to play a show with The Offspring, so this band definitely got my attention. The Scam also claim to pop out the pop punk bands and destroy the hardcore bands. Their charmingly named EP-CD  “Fuck On” is the second release by the band and can be downloaded for free on their Bandcamp page. When I gave the record a first spin, dark clouds seemed to vanish and my cup of coffee tasted even better.  I’d like to describe them as Guttermouth’s and The Vandals’ long lost son. You get the idea: catchy punk rock with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a spoon full of fun. You can just hear that The Scam are five guys who just like to make music and have a good time. And “Fuck On” completely proves it. So if you hate pop music, but still want to be cheered up; just press play on the Bandcamp player below.

Oh, and if you are looking for a band who “have the ability to repeatedly draw a large crowd that leaves the bar staff scrambling all night to keep the drinks flowing and the party going”, The Scam is just what you need.

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