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These Go To Eleven – Some Old Memories

These Go To Eleven – Some Old Memories

These Go To Eleven. What kind of a band name is that? Some of you might know it immediately, it’s taken from a scene in Spinal Tap:

But rest assured the music of this Polish bands has nothing to do with Spinal Tap’s rock. Or with Refused, which you might think so if you take a good look at the front of the record. Nope These Go To Eleven play the kind of punkrock hardcore guys and girls dig. Think Samiam, and Keep Your Heart– era The Loved Ones.

These Go To Eleven’s lyrics are a bit melancholic. Looking back on past times and relationships. The ideal band for those moments when you’re tired of being angry at the world and all you want to do is sit on a couch and enjoy music. Enjoy good music I should say because I know there are still people out there this type of punk has to come out of the US to be any good. Well, give These Go To Eleven a chance, you’ll surely be surprised.

Untill Dave Hause get’s tired of his solo performances and comes back with The Loved Ones, These Go To Eleven are one of the bands who can keep me satisfied.

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