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Thirsty! – Everything we learned EP

Thirsty! – Everything we learned EP

With the weather clearing up a little bit down here in the south, I find myself hungry for upbeat, energetic and melodic music. Someone must have felt my despair because somehow this record found its way to my mailbox.

Thirsty! from Brooklyn, NY fulfill perfectly my needs. They play some great melodic punk-rock, quite reminiscent of the 90′ Epitaph/Fat Wreck days. These songs match with how I like my punk-rock: fast-paced, aggressive and catchy!

Listening to the band’s new recording, “Everything we learned”, it’s pretty obvious that these guys come from a hardcore background (they have ex-Strongarm members), especially in the execution of the songs: no filler parts, no endless intros, the pounding starts right off the bat. Maybe I’m committing a terrible sin by comparing this Brooklyn band with New Jersey’s acts, but the first bands that came to mind are Lifetime and Trial By Fire; with a bit of Strike Anywhere too. As you can imagine, this is the perfect soundtrack for skateboarding and rocking out at a party. It’s quite nice that the explosive punk songs leave room to some more quiet and laid back parts; that’s how you end up with a song like “8020 South”, which is an instant hit!

The lyrics are very straight-forward and everything but metaphorical, I gotta say that it’s been a while since I read such spontaneous lyrics. Technically, I find the guitars pretty inventive with cool melodic hooks and the great production adds strength to the songs. I’ve also been told the current drummer of Youth of Today is in this band. I’m not surprised, watching this dude play live is great, and he’s even more impressive now that he’s unleashing all his potential with this band (as opposed to playing NYHC covers), there’s so many good breaks and genius fills in this record!

With only 7 songs, “Everything we learned” leaves us thirsty… for more!

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