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Thirtyseven – This Is What I Want

Thirtyseven – This Is What I Want

Thirtyseven is a melodic punk rock band hailing from Dallas, Texas. The band is signed to Blood & Ink Records and released their first full-length “This Is What I Want” in August of this year. Thirtyseven brings back the 90’s and 00’s pop punk sound delivered by bands such as MxPx, New Found Glory and Set Your Goals. Seems good to me. Let’s have a closer look:

Excited as I am I give ‘This Is What I Want’ a first try. The album kicks off great with “You Made Your Beard, Now Lie In It” and “Everyday”. Two fast paced punk rock songs with lots of room for melodies and catchy choruses. Excellent guitar riffs, tight drumming and a singer who can actually sing. What immediately draws my attention is the production, which sounds very clean without sounding polished or tempered with. Thumbs up for that! The remaining tracks of the record mostly consist of mid-tempo songs with a more characteristic pop punk tune attached to it. After listening to this album multiple times I can only conclude that all 11 tracks on “This Is What I Want” are solid and convincing. Okay, the slower ones sometimes get a little bit boring, but that’s just my hardcore alter-ego trying to resurrect. Like I said before, this record is solid. We all know those records that are great, but contain one or two really shitty songs. Well, this definitely isn’t one of them.

All in all I have to admit that “This Is I What I Want” is a fine record. And if you get aroused by MxPx, New Found Glory or perhaps Slick Shoes I’m pretty sure you will enjoy Thirtyseven as well. If these guys are just as good live as they sound on the record, they might end up getting pretty big.

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