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Title Fight – Floral Green

Title Fight – Floral Green

I wasn’t and still am not all the certain that Title Fight’s Shed is the great album most people think it is. It’s above average but somehow none of the songs stick with me. Still I was very curious about the follow up since the pre-released tracks promised a new sound.

To be honest I don’t recall any album that I played as much in a week as Floral Green. Title Fight’s new direction is something I wholeheartedly support. The first four songs on this record are just so good. From ‘Numb, But I Still Feel It’ to one of my favourites, ‘Secret Society’.

I had to get more accustomed to ‘Head In The Ceiling Fan’ but after a few spins that one grew on me as well. The record picks up the pace with ‘Make You Cry’ and reaches another dissonant highlight in ‘Lefty’:

With Floral Green Title Fight go beyond their Lifetime and Quicksand references and plunge into more alternative grounds at some points even sounding a bit like Nirvana (I hope I can make that comparison without receiving a beat down by Pim). This is the record that deserves all the praise and even more Shed received a year ago.

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  1. Geerten said on 2012-09-26

    Awesome record, I’ve been spinning this one almost nonstop as well since I picked it up last weekend.

  2. Bart said on 2012-09-26

    I’m still not sure wether I like shed more or not. I still have to get used to to the new sound. But it’s a great record, that’s for sure.

  3. Pim said on 2012-09-26

    Great record. Head In The Ceiling Fan is my favorite track by far, but Secret Society is good too 😉

    And I get what you’re talking about with the Nirvana influences, but I don’t really hear it. I’ll give you a pass on the beatdown though 🙂

  4. Lodewijk said on 2012-09-26

    This’ll probably be my fall/winter record. Title Fight just keeps getting better. Lefty is my favorite song.

    Still on the lookout for a green LP in Europe, I’ll just wait for the distro’s to get it, I guess.

  5. Nab said on 2012-09-27

    Great record. You should give Shed another try now that you like Floral Green.

  6. Guido said on 2012-09-27

    I do really like it… but I prefer Shed… I’m sorry.